Room 1 2016

Room 1 2016
Room 1 is an awesome bunch of kids from Tamaki Primary in Panmure, Auckland.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fiction is My Addiction !!!

Fiction is my Addiction Students in Room 1 have been doing lots of great reading. In this movie, you will see that Dr.Seuss has captivated the imagination of multiple students in Room 1. You will also see that the students read a few examples of Dr.Seuss work and work together to connect pieces of the puzzle. They also prove that they really do love Dr.Seuss. 


cornelius said...

I like the way you guys like reading

perenara said...

I like the way you guys like reading
I like reading to.

Miss G said...

Well done Room 1 with your movie. You are such wonderful readers. Doctor Seuss is one of my favourite authors too.

You look like you put a lot of work into this and it was appreciated by all the audiences who watched it today. I really enjoyed watching your movie too.

Caprice said...

Well Done Room 1. I like the way you read and I especially like the way you are focusing on Dr Seuss books.