Room 1 2016

Room 1 2016
Room 1 is an awesome bunch of kids from Tamaki Primary in Panmure, Auckland.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


This term we are learning about Celebrations. Here is our Brainstorm for what we could celebrate in Room 1.

We read a book about Grandpas birthday. Here is some writing that we did about what we would give  our Grandpa for his birthday.

 Verzhyn would give Grandpa a game 

 Terri would give Grandpa a scooter.

Dontay said, Happy Birthday Grandpa.

Continuing with our celebrations topic, We did some art that looks like birthday flags. Each child drew a picture on their flag and then were allowed to dye it any colours they wanted. Here are some pieces of our work. 

Here is a picture of what our Birthday flags look like on our Celebrations wall in our class.


Saveu said...

Wow Room One, Yous are really creative. It was really colourful and it looked really pretty on the wall. I would like it if you would come and check out my blog.

Keep It Up !

Gazza From Tamaki said...

Amazing Rm1, I like the way you made some creative artwork, I am proud of you guys because you guys are pretty young to be making amazing work. You represent our school respectfully. Keep it Up!

Gary in Room9

Aja T said...

Wow keep it up you did a great job and keep drawing you are beautiful and creative!