Room 1 2016

Room 1 2016
Room 1 is an awesome bunch of kids from Tamaki Primary in Panmure, Auckland.

Friday, August 5, 2016

BARK presentation

Today we had 2 ladies from BARK come and talk to us about how to keep safe around dogs.  She bought her dog Dyson and we heard him bark, he licked some of us, he smelt most of us and some of us got to pat him. We learnt lots of things and here are some of them:

Don't put your face near a dogs face- Lynch
I learnt about don't pat a dog on the head- Hoani
When you haven't met a dog you need to leave it alone- Ana Fifita
If a dog is eating food you have to leave him alone- Chicago
You have to pat a dog under his chin, chest or shoulder thats the best!- Leeanne
You have to pat a dogs shoulders- Ruby
Don't tease or annoy the dog- Danielle
Don't tease the dog because it is the dogs toy- Fereti
We pat the dog on the chest- Delontaye
A dog is not a toy, don't tease or annoy- Savannah
You have to stand like a tree and not move so that the dog won't chase you- Ralphina


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a year 8 student from Stonefields School. I think your work is great. It's really important to teach kids safety around dogs. I especially liked how you showcased the photos. One of the questions that I have is why did you decide to learn about dogs in the first place. If you could check out our blog that would be great.

Toma said...

Hi Rm 1,
like the way you guys are learning about how to keep safe around dogs keep up the good work and stay safe around dogs.

Lizzy said...

Hi room1 i really like the way that you have been learning about bark hope you liked it

Lizzy said...

Hi room1 i really like the way that you have been learning about bark hope you liked it

Teresa Tarawa said...

Wow Room 1 what a privilege and honour to have BARK come in, and Educate us ALL. My daughter definitely educated me. She informed me, that I have to get permission from the owner to pat the dog FIRST. Thank You Miss Nu'a and Room 1 :-)

teresa said...
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Angel @ Tamaki Primary said...

Hi room 1 this is very cool

teresa said...

Hi Rm 1 `I like the way you have description your self with information keep up the great work you have been doing I like the way you put information in your story keep it up