Room 1 2016

Room 1 2016
Room 1 is an awesome bunch of kids from Tamaki Primary in Panmure, Auckland.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Poi e movie- Manaiakalani Film Festival

Check out our movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival!! 


Aletheia said...

Hi Room 1
What a great movie on that Poi e.
Great Job I really like the little kids.
Nice job on making that incredible movie Miss Nua and Room1

Monita@TamakiPrimary said...

Hi Room1,
I like the way you were doing your pukana so cute
Great job Miss Nua and Miss Park.

Angel @ Tamaki Primary said...
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coralee said...

Good work little guys keep the good work up


Teresa Tarawa said...

Hello Room 1, you are all AMAZING. I REALLY enjoyed watching YOU ALL. Miss Nu'a your class is adorable. I loved watching my daughter Ionlani xox :-) :-) :-) :-)

teresa said...

hi rm 1 i like your video keep up the work that you but thought keep up the great and positives dance thankyou rm 1 for your video

Teresa Tarawa said...

AWESOME work Room 1 from LAST YEAR :-)

wallymei Rou beckham said...

nice video very funny

Amelia said...

you guys did a fantastic job at dancing. great job.