Room 1 2016

Room 1 2016
Room 1 is an awesome bunch of kids from Tamaki Primary in Panmure, Auckland.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Buddy time with Room 8

We made an Olympic ring chain with our buddy class to celebrate the Olympics!


Cerenity said...

Hi room 1,
I like how your class and room 8 enjoyed making the olympic chain.
I also like how you had so much fun and enjoyed being in our class.

Teresa Tarawa said...

I'm loving it, interactions with the older children, and doing things together for the purpose of personal growth! :-). I'm loving the art WORK! GOOD WORK EVERYONE :-)

Lily said...

Hi my name is Lily I'm from Glen Taylor School.I really like your class does buddy class.your art s really awesome.